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Our Story

Twisted Wick Candle Company soy candles are hand poured using 100% biodegradable soybean wax, a renewable resource that supports the American Farmers.  We provide a candle that is elegant, environmentally friendly, clean burning and richly scented.    

Our soy candles are created using the highest quality fragrance oils available and are known for their consistent and empowering aromas released evenly throughout the entire life of your candle. 

We spiral or "Twist" our wicks throughout the entire candle to produce a longer lasting, zero waste candle.  

Soy candles burn cleaner and cooler than traditional paraffin candles, greatly lowering soot and reducing carcinogens from being released in the air.  The end result…Twisted Wick Candle Company is the environmentally friendly choice for all your candle needs. We truly hope you enjoy our candles and thank you for your interest in our products.

Our Company in a Nut Shell

Twisted Wick Candle Company was created by Rich and Jodi Scheve. Their dream was to open a business that was trendy, fun and good for the environment. By creating a unique "twist," soy candles became their passion. Soy candles are good for the environment and help evoke positive experiences for people.

Twisted Wick began with the goal of producing the perfect candle. They use soy wax which is the perfect substrate to blend their premium fragrance oils, then onto the wicks. One major challenge with most candles is the fact that they do not burn level all the way down which is a waste of money and resources. They came up with the "Twisted Wick" to alleviate that problem which helps produce the perfect burn. They choose to use a straight sided 14 ounce tumbler that is 100% recyclable; it makes the perfect drinking glass once the candle is used.

The couple started out doing local trade shows and opened up their retail shop in the heart of Nashville, IN in June 2007. The clean, upscale storefront invites guests to enjoy many tantalizing scents from baked goods to fresh smells depending on what they enjoy. Their Creme Brulee soy candle, Headache Helper soy candle and Herbal hand lotion are only a few of their specialties, which also include soy tarts, premium fragrance oils, natural spa products and inHALE therapeutic grade essential oils.

Rich and Jodi take pride on producing "the perfect candle" and creating all natural spa products with high standards and quality control. They are continuously motivated by the support of their loyal customers to come up with new, innovative products. Their passion is to create a positive experience for shoppers whether they take a "twisted" road or shop online.

In June 2008, Twisted Wick began offering their products in select Indianapolis stores. Today, Twisted Wick products are offered in over 20 states. Their wholesale success has grown to include such names as Niki Bryan Spas at Walt Disney World and Spa Terre in five different states are helping us make our mark on a national level.

Today, the company offers over 400 products from soy candles to soaps and other natural products. After lighting that first "twist," customers notice a big difference and love the clean, long lasting fragrant burn of a Twisted Wick soy candle. To check out what people are saying about the products visit our "Fan's of TW" page.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who have helped make Twisted Wick what it is today. We will continue to create new and exciting products.